Solicitors fees for Wills and Probate


A single Will, assuming that it is straight forward and does not involve complex issues such as trusts, tax or estate planning, £150.00 plus VAT.

Husband and wife/partners making mirror Wills in similar terms £200.00 plus VAT for the two Wills (if husband and wife/partners are making Wills with significantly different provisions they will be charged as two single Wills).

Please note that we do not provide taxation advice or financial services.  If such advice is required you should seek advice from an accountant or independent financial advisor.


A fixed fee can be offered in respect of initial advice and work required to obtain a Grant of Probate only i.e. not advising or carrying out any work following the Grant of Probate in connection with the administration of the estate.

A fixed fee in respect of obtaining a Grant of Probate only (assuming that the estate is not complex, for example, assets involved do not have a value in excess of £ 325,000.00 and there is not a large number of individual assets) , £500 to £1,000.00 plus VAT.

If the value exceeds £ 325,000.00 or more assets are involved an estimate of costs can be given or a fixed fee may be agreed depending upon the value of the estate and number of the assets.

To obtain a Grant of Probate and deal with the administration of the estate, the charges will be based upon the value of the estate and the amount of work required to deal with obtaining the Grant of Probate and dealing with the administration of the estate and based on the Law Society Guidelines which can be provided upon request.

In addition to the costs shown above there will be payable disbursements such as probate fee £155.00, probate fee for copies of the Grant (usually) £2.00, Oath fee (usually) £7.00 per Executor.

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