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How a Solicitor Can Facilitate Amicable Separations 

Have you and your spouse or civil partner decided to part ways? You could be in an awkward situation if the two of you have yet to decide whether to end the marriage or civil partnership formally or if it has not lasted long enough to naturally come to a close.

In the meantime, you could still sign what is known as a separation agreement. A separation agreement is where you free yourself from the obligation to live with your partner while negotiating future financial arrangements and outlining plans for the care of any children from the union moving forward.

A solicitor can draw up a separation agreement for you —which specifies the details of the separation and deal with any joint assets, arrangements for children and any other pertinent matters. At Bromfield Legal, our team of experts in Nuneaton and Warwick work with you personally to craft an agreement tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives.


Understanding Legal Rights and Obligations

Separation can be an incredibly stressful time, particularly if it comes as a surprise to one partner. However, both parties will naturally be keen to have an amicable split — and getting in touch with a solicitor can help them achieve this.

By consulting with a legal advisor, you can gain a clearer understanding of your legal standing with your partner and how to make the separation agreement as watertight as possible. This process can provide you with confidence and certainty about the future.


Navigating Financial Arrangements 

If your household has historically relied on one partner for the majority of its income, it’s natural to be concerned about how you’ll manage financially in the future.

Fortunately, a solicitor can help to give you a solid financial standing. You can get reliable legal advice on what you will be entitled to financially and, together with your partner, come to agreements about who will assume responsibility for specific financial obligations, including debts, loans, and overdrafts.


Child Arrangements and Support

Certainly, the financial provisions in a separation agreement can often hinge on decisions regarding the care of any children from the ending relationship.

Key to ensuring an amicable split is ensuring that you and your partner both put the children’s welfare first as the law does already.

To achieve this, it’s important to encourage your children to maintain relationships with both parents as you navigate decisions about their living arrangements and financial support for their upbringing.


Drafting and Formalising Agreements 

We are thoroughly experienced in helping couples to achieve amicable separations. To ask our team to help you get the best possible result, just call our Nuneaton office on 024 7638 2343 or Warwick team on 01926 702 702. We offer same-day appointments at both locations, allowing you to quickly access and benefit from our legal expertise conveniently.